Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Digital effect on Newspapers

            Newspapers are changing their look to escape their end by cutting down on content. Readers have began to get their news online and this group is led by young readers. Not to mention print advertising is decline and in recent years there has been a spike in online advertising. Readers can use search engines to find breaking news and daily coverage without paying for a copy.  To overcome sales decreases, newspapers have had to reconstruct their print and develop a leaner and more target focused paper.Smaller, local newspapers in America have shifted their focus to local news and sport, while leaving national and global news to bigger publications like Wall Street Journal and The Associated Press.
            Publishers are hopeful in thinking that this change of putting emphasis on distinctive content will help the move from print to digital distribution. Newspapers survival is unknown, due largely to decline in young readers not willing to pay for news.The recession has brought testing times for print and they have adapted to the times and so far,  fared well. If newspapers survive the recession, they can contemplate more than mere survival for the future and begin to focus their efforts on rebuilding this nations thinking of how to get the news.      
For the whole story visit The Economist. http://www.economist.com/node/16322554

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