Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This one is for those businesses who just don't get it.

Social Media has taken over! I believe that the name of my blog, The Freeway of Social Media, expresses how social media is a fast moving, ever-growing trend with a price tag all companies and individuals can afford- FREE!  Social media forms such as twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, blogs, etc. is becoming the number one way for businesses to market their products and advertise their brands to the public. Early adapters of the social network have experienced the rewards that social media can provide.

A successful social media campaign creates online conversations about your brand. Customers will spread your message more effectively then tradition methods due the ease of communication.  The low cost of social media can save companies money by cutting back on prior advertising and marketing campaign costs. Customers and the general public can be reached almost instantly and can be spread by the click of a button. Social media campaigns bring up large amounts of back links that benefit your ranking in search engines. This means the more you communicate through Twitter and Facebook, the higher you will appear in search engines such as Google, (talk about killing two birds with one stone!)

For those lagging I have provided a brief description of how to start up accounts on both Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter Instructions:
 1: Go to the Twitter website.
2: Before you set up an account understand what you're getting yourself into. Just because everyone is tweeting and chirping, it doesn't mean that Twitter is for you, watch the Twitter video.
3: Click Join the Conversation to set up an account. Select a username. This is the name by which other Twitter followers will recognize you.
4: Select a password, provide an email address, read the terms of service and click "I accept Create my account."
5: Add friends or skip it until you become more familiar with Twitter. You can always add friends later.
6: Begin Twittering.

Facebook Setup Instructions:
1: Got to Facebook.com, Click on "Sign up"
2: Fill out the form that asks for your full name, your current status, email address, a password and your birthday. Click the "Sign up now!" button when you have completed the form.
3:  Facebook sends this email to confirm your registration. When you get the email, click on the link in the email to confirm that you did in fact register for a Facebook account.

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