Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Applying my bachelors degree in a social media ran business world

            Communication in the workplace is becoming a necessity rather than plus.  To be successful in today’s society, businesses must learn to utilize current media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogs and websites.  To put it simply, the field of business is evolving.  With social media booming, businesses are putting emphasis on flooding media streams with as much information about their company as possible.  College graduates can reap the benefits by seizing job positions companies are creating to stay on top of their social media. 
            In my opinion, communication bachelor degrees such as corporate and organizational communication are prime candidates for newly developed job positions such as Digital Director, Director of Search Engine Marketing, Interactive Media Coordinator, Social Media Analyst, and Social Media Consultant.  Corporate communication is a great fit for these positions because class courses cover all of the basic business principles; marketing, sales, public relations, advertising, economics, finance, human resources, management, training and development.  Corporate communication uses all of these courses to apply business principles in an organizational structure, with an emphasis on how to communicate effectively to the public and within the organization.

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