Monday, October 4, 2010

LinkedIn's New Feature for Recent College Grads

LinkedIn will be soon be releasing the launch of Career Explorer, a new job finding feature that is aimed toward newly college grads.

Career Explorer gives you the ability to surf a variety of career paths based on your level of education, location, and even your dream industry. Career Explorer is set to initially launch featuring a total of 60 universities in the US. It is assumed that LinkedIn already has plans for more to follow shortly. LinkedIn says that this new job finding tool will be helpful for the following:
  • To map out career paths. Based on your work interests and take into account the paths of established professionals. You can also create and save multiple paths.
  • Find relevant connections.
  • Learn about your desired job. The site will give you stats like average age of individuals that hold the position you want, as well as geographic distribution.
  • Find job openings.
  • Recommend people in your network for jobs.
  • Suggest companies to follow.


  1. I'm glad we all had to set up a LinkedIn for this class. It seems like a great career tool, and with this new feature announced, a tool that could help each one of us out.

  2. I think this is an awesome new feature!! I would love to be one of the 60 first universities to use this new tool, do you know when they will be adding new universities to this? This is just another great way for our generation to link up in the real world and maybe even get a job! I love where this is going!!

  3. I'm glad LinkedIn is getting this feature. That will make things easier. I have to agree with Mitch, I am glad we had to get an account for this class. I didn't even know what it was before this class and now I am so glad that I have it. I think it will really help when looking for a job.